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InnoControl is a customized mobile app solution designed for AV control, IoT application. It can control range from a single home TV to large Industrial control systems which are used for controlling processes or machines. 


InnoControl makes use of the computing power of the tablet and eliminates the need for the control processor or any other additional hardware. 


Key Features

  • Support for iOS & Android

  • Fit any phone and tablet size

  • Direct TCP communication with devices 

  • Support RS232, RS485, IR control with Global Cache adapter

  • Support Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU

  • Support in-app video streaming 

  • Fully customiseable graphic user interface 

  • Showing date & time synchronised with tablet/phone

  • In-app other application open 

Application Diagram

Screenshot 2020-01-05 at 9.02.25 PM.png

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