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Innobulb was established since 2017 Innobulb emerges from the words "Innovation" & "light bulb". At Innobulb, we strive to review the problems that we face today and resolve them with technology. At Innobulb, we see your problem as our problem. With our skills, methodical, friendly approach, you will find we will be your best partner to work with.


We have more than 12 years of experience in the software industry, specializing in providing service for web/mobile application development, eCommerce store setup, digital marketing, AV automation system programming, and audio tuning. 

Furthermore, Innobulb also developed our in house software such as InnoBook and InnoControl, such a product is to redesign the solution already exists in the market to make it more robust and simplify hence reducing cost. 






Our mission is to provide a one-stop service for eCommerce owner, AV System Integrator, no matter what problem or challenge that you are facing today, we always your partner to provide you a solution. 

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