Innobulb emerges from the words "Innovation" & "light bulb". At Innobulb, we strive to review problems that we face today and resolve it with technology. At Innobulb, we see your problem as our problem. With our skills, methodical, friendly approach, you will find we will be your best partner to work with.


We have more than 12 years of experience in AV industry, specializing in these IT areas, such as networking, security and window server. These are skill sets that are currently lacking in the industry. We can configure or program almost everything that exists in the AV industry today. Today, Innobulb focuses on providing professional services for our AV clients and developing our flagship products.






Our mission is to redesign an over-engineering product that focuses on profit. We will develop something easy, cost-effective that really can help people. We believe innovation can improve how we live today. 


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